Interactive iPad Tour - A Treasure Hunt over the Island

GPS IPAD Stadtfuehrung

Explore Ibiza and its old town in a very unique way! The tailor-made GPS iPad Tour through Ibiza town takes you to the most beautiful and interesting spots in town: You can either use the iPad just as a guide or participate in an interactive iPad Tour with several questions and tasks to be solved. The GPS based iPad Tour is a perfect activity for incentives and especially team building.

iPad Tour - the modern way to explore the old town

With the modern technique and the special app that will be programmed individually, the iPad Tour offers a unique way to enjoy a city tour. The iPad can be used instead of an actual guide to learn about the culture and history of Ibiza and its inhabitants - or you can go on an interactive iPad Tour. During this interactive iPad Tour, the participants will be guided to several locations and, approaching a certain point, different questions, puzzles and other riddles will appear on the iPad. Get impressed by the old castle walls and let the variety of Ibiza town surprise you.

Team Building with the iPad Tour

The interactive iPad Tour is perfectly suitable as a team building activity. All iPads are linked with the help of the app so that the teams can communicate and form an alliance with others according to their strategy. We can also organize a photo or video contest which will be part of the iPad Tour. As we design the iPad tour together with you and based on your individual requests and ideas, it is also possible to integrate specific company knowledge into the questions. Whether you choose a normal Sightseeing iPad Tour or an interactive treasure hunt, we take care of the individually programmed system and plan a perfectly suited iPad Tour for you.

More team building after the iPad Tour

Make your teambuilding trip to Ibiza even more effective with a beach olympics, a GPS based Jeep challenge or a paella cooking class. If you need a break from all the team building activities, you can relax on a catamaran heading to Formentor, go on a stand up paddle tour or just play golf. Hop on a sea kayak or explore the wonderful landscape of Ibiza while hiking through the pure nature to complete your stay.

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