Beach Olympics - Growing together with fun

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If you need the perfect activity for loosening up and having a blast on your Incentive after a tight schedule of meetings - this is it! We create the ultimate fun experience with several challenging competitions and games. Our beach olympics are also perfect for every team building as the competitive atmosphere and the necessary team work during the games strengthen the team spirit of your employees.

Beach olympics - the perfect incentive or team building activity

Our Beach Olympics on Ibiza were designed for groups from 20 – 400 participants. Beach Volleyball, Frisbee Golf, Sandcastle Building and other entertaining events will be planned to create the ultimate in competitive games! We especially recommend them for competitive groups that want to channel that go-get-’em energy into a positive team building experience. A fast-paced day of rotating activities will keep your group involved in each event so that every team may participate in every activity once. Special beach relay races can also be designed to start the day off. Ready - steady - go!!!

A completely different beach experience with our beach olympics

Whether you want to improve the skills of your team or just have loads of fun after a hard meeting day - we offer you a tailor-made and very special day by the sea. Enjoy the Mediterranean sun and the stunning view over the ocean whilst competing each other in many different beach games. You will see that there is much more to do at the beach than just relaxing and sunbathing. Our experience with team building and incentive activities makes us the perfect partner for your stay as we create the beach olympics according to your aims and the size of the group. Look and see!

Complete your unique day!

The more, the merrier! Participate in more team building activities and try out our iPad Challenge either while discovering the island in a Jeep or hippie car or by foot through the old town of Ibiza. Even more fun will be guaranteed on jetskis, kayaks and in our speedboat. You can explore the island land-based on a vespa or from the sea on a historical yacht. No matter which activity you choose, you will enjoy a day full of good temper!

Get your individual offer today and turn your event into a day of endless fun!