GPS iPad Tour - A Modern Treasure Hunt

LifeXperiences Teambuilding iPad Challenge

Challenge your employees and let them face each other in teams. This modern GPS iPad Challenge arouses fighting and team spirit in a playful and fun-filled way - Your group will experience an exciting day on the island!

The iPad Challenge - A modern city tour and quest

The GPS based iPad Challenge revives the popular treasure hunt game of your childhood: Via a digital map on the iPad, the participants will be guided to several spots on the island where questions, riddles and challenging tasks are waiting for them to be solved. Those questions, riddles and tasks can be related to the island, but also to your company - or we integrate challenges which are related to your newly launched product or special event. According to your interests, ideas and wishes, we create an always tailor-made, exciting iPad Challenge that meets all of your requirements.

The Course of the Game: Accept the individual GPS iPad Challenge

The team of LifeXperiences will pick up your group directly at the hotel take the participants to the start of the GPS iPad Challenge. There, a short introduction into the software will be followed by an organization of the group into several small teams of four to five people. Each team receives its own iPad. Afterwards, they all jump into their vehicle for the tour - a Jeep or a Hippie Car Tour in combination with the iPad Challenge is a great option we highly recommend. Or the teams start their discovery tour to the secrets of Ibiza town by foot. Does not matter which kind of tour you prefer, we create the perfect route for the day. Then, the teams follow the marks on the map of their iPad. By answering the questions and solving the tasks, they gain points: At the end of the day, the points help you to triumph! Throughout the GPS iPad Challenge, the teams can get in touch with each other and check, which team is leading and who has collected how many points already. This way, they find themselves in a competitive situation - the iPad Challenge turns into an exciting race. At the same time, the participants of the tour are guided to the most scenic places of the island and the town which would otherwise mostly remain undiscovered. The GPS iPad Challenge - a perfect mix of sightseeing and team building.

Create your individual day in addition to the GPS iPad Challenge

When planning your individual treasure hunt in form of an iPad Challenge, we take into account your wishes. Based on them, we add further activities to the challenge, like kayaking, cliff diving, a catamaran charter tour or a quad tour. Highlights like that enhance the tour and make your day programme complete. At the end of the tour, the winner of the day will be elected during a delicious dinner. We help you with the choice of the location and create a suitable menu for the group. How about an evening with paella in the idyllic surroundings of a beautiful, traditional finca?

Let us inspire you and we will create an exciting ensemble for your individual GPS iPad Challenge.