Sustainable Incentives

Incentive CSR Ibiza

Nowadays, it is not only important to think about our own CO2 emission, but also to keep it as low as possible. Especially during incentive travels and congress events, to which guests travel by plane and make excursions by boat or car, there are various options to reduce the ecological footprint. LifeXperiences takes a close look at this topic and has set itself the goal to find more sustainable ways to counteract climate change.

Firstly, the goal is not to harm the environment during events and incentives, and secondly, to consciously change the general perspective of the participants. More and more activities which address this problem and sensitize the participants in a positive way are being incorporated when doing incentives, team building challenges, meetings and congresses on Ibiza. Since the fun factor is guaranteed at all times, the creation of sustainable activities is the perfect extension for tailor-made company events.

A visit to a typical Ibizan farm, for example, combined with a hike through colourful orchards and past white Ibizan villages is the perfect basis for a tree planting project. Eventually, every participant contributes to the preservation of the natural paradise by planting a tree. This incentive activity creates a completely new impression of the popular sunny island of Ibiza. As a group task, everyone reaches for the spade and plants a new tree. Thereby, all participants of the company event have the opportunity to give something back to nature by trying to keep their own ecological footprint small.

The incentive tree planting project is accompanied by a professional ecologist who provides precise explanations easy to understand. According to the type of tree, the expertexplains how to correctly maintain the new plant, before creating a clear connection between CO2 emission and climate change. He also makes clear that the optimal growth of a tree is influenced by the soil, the neighboring plants and the tree’s orientation to the sun. This sustainable activity turns the incentive trip to Ibiza into a real experience!

Another important point is the local and global plastic pollution at the beaches. By organizing professional beach clean-ups as part of an incentive, meeting or congress, LifeXperiences raises the awareness of each participant. During these teambuilding activities, expertsmake sure that everybody understands what exactly the difference between micro and macro plastics is and how each person can minimize his or her use of single-use plastics in the everyday life. Afterwards, the evaluation results of the beach clean-upbecome part of the research work of the organization "Save the Med". By that means, instead of being only an one-time activity, the beach clean-up is a long-lasting contribution towards saving our planet.

Sustainable activities as part of an incentive travel are the events of the future! LifeXperiences always develops new and diverse ideas in close cooperation with interested clients in order to create high quality and sustainable company events. Event activities which not onlyinclude a high fun factor, but also have a positive sustainable impact and leave a small ecological footprint, will for sure turn into an unique incentive experience which will be remembered by all participants for a long time .

24/10/2019, Katharina