Organisation and conception of individualised Coachings and Trainings

Firmenveranstaltung Teambuilding

With our fundamental knowledge as a local DMC in Ibiza and close collaboration with qualified Coaches and Trainers, LifeXperiences provides support to independent Coaches or Trainers with the organisation (accommodation, training rooms, outdoor activities etc.) of their Coachings or offers Coaching packages to firms in search of a suitable Coach or Trainer for a specific topic.

Depending on how the firm is set up and what is needed for a sustainable, efficient Coaching or Training in Ibiza, we offer several advanced training options with tailor-made content.

Ibiza Coaching or Training with a Vision

In order to allow the participants to receive the absolute best of their coaching session, we will arrange the ideal learning environment. Only then can innovative ideas arise and grow. Thoughts are free and people need room to shape them.

Ibiza is an island with great spirituality. Every year countless yoga teachers and mediators come together here to reflect and to disconnect within nature. The Mediterranean climate, the many peaceful locations and hiking trails as well as hidden coves and beaches invite visitors to lay back and relax. Participants can therefore distance themselves from their daily routine and open up to new thought processes. Likewise this aids in the internalisation of new tools during the Training or Coaching session.

LifeXperiences offers several possibilities to combine theoretical lessons of the Coaching with stimulating activities, which for example, hold a team building factor. Moreover, we are your reliable partner in regards to outdoor and indoor locations that enable an essential Training or Coaching dynamic.

Make the most of Ibiza's spirituality and let us help design a memorable Coaching or Training session!