Win-Win situation: Sustainable Events and Incentives

sustainable incentive travel

The world is in the grip of plastic, with evidence of plastics and microplastics found even in the remotest of places. Islands and oceans are buried in trash, as are the Balearic Islands: If one focuses on just plastic bottles, current figures estimate more than 1.5 million plastic bottles are consumed every day in the Balearic islands alone – with only one third of those bottles finding their way to recycling stations. The remaining bottles disappear into landfills and rivers, which inevitably end on shorelines, dispersed throughout forests, and floating around seas and oceans. Birds and marine life mistake these plastic fragments for food, causing a potentially irreversable chain reaction of destruction in our natural eco systems.  

We have a global plastic problem, and the solution starts with local engagement – we need to think sustainable and re-think plastic. Through change of habits and refusing plastics altogether, we can create a way to coexist with our environment and limiting our polluting footprint. For this reason, LifeXperiences has partnered up with, a non-profit organization focusing on reducing the use of single-use plastic in the Balearic islands and beyond, to raise awareness on the issues and solutions surrounding the plastic threat.

Every LifeXperiences event, incentive and meeting is 100% free of plastic bottles. Participants receive certified fair-trade stainless-steel Cleanwave bottles, which can be refilled at one of many refill stations set up strategically for the duration of the program. In addition, the Cleanwave bottles can be engraved and co-branded with either company-logo or individual names if desired. The Cleanwave logo is always on the bottles, and symbolises the movement to a single-use plastic free world, allowing organizations to fulfil their corporate social responsibility and ensure a sustainable future.

LifeXperiences sustainable events package includes a framework of activities situated around the aforementioned  issues, allowing our clients meetings or incentives to incorporate sustainability in their selected programs. Elements from our sustainability options include: beach cleanings to collect data for citizen science, visits of waste treatment and recycling facilities, as well as talks and screenings of the documentary movie ‘Out of Plastic’, by to raise awareness on the global plastic threat. The aim is to motivate audience members to take action and seek change in their daily lives, to help contribute to a global solution to our plastic crisis.

In December 2018, LifeXperiences held a beach clean-up of around 100 participants from an incentive and meeting program to help collected data for citizen science, identifying the type and origin of the collected plastics, with a total clean-up of over 30kg in 45mins. This data was sent to a global survey used by lobbyists and lawmakers to implement change. The publication of the results increases pressure on local and international corporations, stressing environmental impacts and changes necessary to make businesses sustainable. A recent win from such a study resulted in q-tips replacing their plastic cotton swab with biodegradable paper beginning on January 1st, 2020.

By participating in sustainable activities, our meetings and incentives groups have a lasting influence on the international reduction of plastic waste and the overall improvement of our planet.

18/12/2018, Ben